South West Museum Volunteering Forum

The South West Museum Volunteering Forum is a network for staff and volunteers in museums in the South West who are proactively seeking to develop the way they involve volunteers and the nature of the volunteer experience. It aims to share and develop best practice and new ways of working around volunteer involvement in museums and engages with the wider heritage and volunteering sectors as appropriate to achieve its aims.

The Forum’s current activities include chaired peer discussion sessions – ‘Question Times’ and network meetings around the region, as well as themed seminars.  Recent themes have included linking volunteering to well-being and forging higher education partnerships, reflecting current priorities in museum volunteering in the South West.  Members play a part in shaping the Forum’s agenda and activities and contribute case studies.

Members are invited to join the network and have access to funded or part-funded offers, for example funded CPD activities, in recognition of their active participation in the Forum. If the Forum can support your work and you would like to be involved do contact Eleanor or Jan. Your involvement should be supported by your organisation’s governing bodies or senior managers.

Note: The SW Museum Volunteering Forum and the SVO role will be supported by a steering group that will link the development activities to the Board of the SW Museum Development Programme.

Note: Additional information on the service can be found here in the following presentation: SVO Service Introduction