Museum Mentors

Museum Mentors are museum professionals who support smaller, independent museums in the United Kingdom in developing applications for Accreditation and subsequent Accreditation returns.

To fulfil the requirements of Accreditation all museums must have access to appropriately qualified professional staff. This can be through employing these staff or through the Museum Mentor scheme. Mentors work in partnership with museums and local museum support services to ensure the museum has access to the advice it needs. Currently in the South West almost half of all participating museums require a Museum Mentor would otherwise be unable to retain the award.

If you are a museum that is seeking a Museum Mentor or you are a museum professional interested in becoming a Museum Mentor please click on the appropriate section.

What experience do I need to become a Museum Mentor?

All Museum Mentors must meet the minimum criteria:

  • At least five years working in museums, with experience at curatorial/ managerial level. (Three of those years need to be in one of the following; organisation health, collections, or users and their experiences).
  • An appropriate qualification.
  • A commitment to Continuing Professional Development.
How do I become a Museum Mentor?

We advise all prospective Museum Mentors to read ACE’s Museum Mentor Handbook in the first instance. This handbook provides information from what is expected of you as a Museum Mentor, all the way through to succession planning.

After you have read the handbook and decided you would like to become a Museum Mentor, you will need to complete an Expression of Interest form which can be found on Arts Council England’s (ACE) website under FAQs for Museum Mentors. When you have completed the form, please submit it to ACE’s Accreditation Team at . Once your EOI has been approved you can then enter into an agreement with a museum that requires a Museum Mentor.

*For specific guidance for museum professionals working in Major Partner Museums 2015-18 who wish to become Museum Mentors please see the downloadable document.

How do I find a museum to mentor?

South West Museum Development Programme is able to facilitate the process of helping you find a museum to mentor. We recommend you contact us at letting us know about you as a museum professional, what areas you are able to support a museum in and the locale in which you would like to mentor. A simple way of doing this is to send a copy of your EOI which you submitted to ACE or request a Museum Mentor Seeks a Museum form.

We are a museum that requires a Museum Mentor

South West Museum Development Programme is able to facilitate the process of helping you find a Museum Mentor; however the responsibility of finding and appointing a Museum Mentor ultimately resides with you as a museum. The first step for us to help you find a Museum Mentor is for you to get in touch with us at letting us know about you as a museum and request a Museum Seeks a Museum Mentor form.