Advice Service

Accreditation Advice for the South West of England 2015-18
From April 2015 to 31 March 2018 Accreditation technical advice for museums in the South West will be provided by the South West Museum Development Office. If you need to contact us please get in touch at or 0117 922 3618.

We will work with local Museum Development Officers across the South West, the SW Fed and an Accreditation Technical Advisor to provide museums with an enhanced training offer, improved online resources and the development of sub-regional Museum Mentor networks.

Museum Development Officers remains your first point of contact for general Accreditation advice and support.

If you do have a query then you should also check our Frequently Asked Questions

Changes to the Accreditation form
Arts Council England have recently updated their online Accreditation portal and to simplify the application and returns process. They have also published an updated application form and returns form which can be accessed here or downloaded below.

Accreditation application and returns should be undertaken through an online application system hosted by the Arts Council. More information on this can be found in their step-by-step guide to accessing the system.