Accreditation Review: Updated FAQ’s and Contribute to the Review

Isabel Humphreys, 03.11.2017

As you will be aware, Arts Council England (ACE) is currently undertaking a light touch review of the Accreditation Scheme.

As the Accreditation Technical advice service provider for the South West, South West Museum Development is playing an active role in conversations about the review with ACE as part of the wider Museum Development Network.

ACE would also like to encourage your input, whether you work in museums or as a mentor- all input and feedback is welcome.

Here are some of the main areas that the review will be focusing on:

  • Improving the communications about the scheme
  • Looking at the process of applying and the schedule for returning participants
  • Reviewing the standard and the scalability
  • Supporting museums interested in applying to the scheme
  • Reviewing the Museum Mentor criteria
  • Looking at internal processes

If this is something you’d be interested in or would like any further information, please contact Ellie Collier, Senior Project Manager for the review at .

ACE has recently published some further FAQ’s on their website relating to the review to answer any queries you may have. These can be found here .

If you are in need of further support or guidance in relation to Accreditation please don’t hesitate to contact the South West Museum Development team at or your local MDO.

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